We can do amazing things thanks to the internet. You can order dog food and have it on your doorstep in a few hours. You can explore the entirety of the National Archives without ever leaving your couch. But what about healthcare?

Thanks to the internet and telemedicine, the internet is changing medicine too. Let’s learn how TelemedOne is changing healthcare and its unique benefits to patients and their wallets.

Telemedicine – More Efficient Processes

Telemedicine makes everything more efficient. It saves countless manhours, frustration, and even lives. Think of the time a typical visit to your doctor takes including travel – one hour? Three? There’s no doubt that having to take off work and sit at the doctor’s office is bothersome, especially because most doctor visits are routine.

With telemedicine, routine visits like checkups, follow ups, therapy sessions, preventive care sessions, or questions about medication or treatment can be taken care of in minutes instead of hours. Telemedicine turns routine healthcare into just that – a simple routine.

More Affordable Healthcare

When processes are more efficient, everyone saves money. Healthcare professionals can get through cases much more quickly without sacrificing quality.

Because telemedicine doesn’t require a separate physical office, or traditional office staff, more doctors can provide independent care to a wider variety of patients. Think of telemedicine as buying straight from the supplier – because you’re not paying a middleman and cutting through bureaucracy, costs are much lower. When you go directly to the doctor instead of the clerical nightmare your costs will plummet. Because of the efficiency, some telemedicine services offer plans for as little as a dollar a day.

More Accessibility, Healthier Population

How many times have you decided not to make a doctor’s appointment because you just didn’t want the hassle? America’s healthcare system can often keep patients away from the doctor’s office due to cost, time, and other inefficiencies – but telemedicine cuts through access and cost burdens.

You can make an appointment any time of the day, not to have to worry about insurance burdens since many telemedicine services don’t require it, and don’t need to worry about losing time. The more access to healthcare the nation has, the healthier it will become.

Life Saving

Telemedicine is lifesaving in both its ease of accessibility and its efficiency. Senior and assisted living communities provide great examples of both.

Anytime a senior must leave their living center or home for a doctor’s appointment or hospital visit they’re much more prone to health complications like infection or fall. Thanks to telemedicine, seniors can remain in the comfort of their home for routine doctor’s visits or follow-ups and avoid these hazards.

The quickness and efficiency of telemedicine saves lives in a more dramatic fashion too. Let’s use a stroke as an example. The quicker a patient experiencing a stroke receives medical care the more likely they’ll avoid serious complications. With telemedicine a nursing home attendant can be connected to a doctor within seconds compared to several minutes to the local emergency room.

Learning How Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare

The efficiency, affordability, and wide-ranging capabilities are changing healthcare for the better for both doctors and patients. If you’re interested in telemedicine services, talk to your doctor, healthcare provider, or browse independent telemedicine services to find out what telemedicine can do for you.


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